About Damillora

Hello! My name is Damillora. I'm an indie Virtual YouTuber with a focus on technology, games, and music exploration!


  • Name: Damillora
  • Birthday: February 29


I am thankful to several for bringing my Virtual YouTuber project to life, and I will list them here.

Illustrator: Mira Cassiela

Virtual artist | L2D artist + freelance character designer and illustrator


Live2D Rigging: Siauw Adhie


Where you can find me

Publishing media

I publish content mainly in those sites

Alternative technologies

Mainstream platforms control what you can post, and you can lose access to data rightfully yours.
I maintain presence in several altenative platforms and technologies to ensure I have control of data I post, to contribute to a possible future, and as a backup when mainstream platforms go down.
If you have a presence in those platforms, I encourage you to use these instead, you will help the adoption of those technologies!

GPG public key

My public key is accessible here.